Sunday, 7 February 2016

Tsuji Naoyuki - "3tsu no Kumo" - Dark Side Animation

辻直之「3つの雲」 ダークサイド・アニメーション
A compilation of short films by Tsuji Naoyuki.

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Video: R2 DVD, h.264 10bit, resolution varies (4:3 anamorphic).
Audio: 384kbps DD 2.0, mono/stereo.
Subtitles: Original translation, with the R1 DVD subtitles used as minimal reference. Extra content untranslated (mix of Japanese, French and English language).
  • 3tsu no Kumo / 3つの雲 / Trilogy About Clouds
    • Kokyuu Suru Kumo / 呼吸する雲 / Breathing Cloud
    • Kumo wo Miteitara / 雲を見ていたら / Looking at a Cloud
    • Kumo Kara / 雲から / From the Cloud
  • Samero / 覚めろ / Wake Up
  • Kiekaketa Monogataritachi no Tame ni / 消えかけた物語たちの為に / For Nearly Forgotten Tales
  • Yoru no Okite / 夜の掟 / The Rule of the Night
  • Experiment
Extra content: 2005-nen Cannes Eigasai - Kantoku Shuukan Report / 2005年カンヌ映画祭 監督週間レポート / 2005 Cannes Film Festival - Director's Weeklong Report

Yami wo Mitsumeru Hane is available on Thinking and Drawing: Nihon no Shinseiki Art Animation.


  1. Hello, and thanks for all your work!

    There are some series I would love you to encode, because you are doing such a damn good job. Are you planning to encode any of the following series: Rose of Versailles, Takarajima, Gankutsuou?

  2. Thank you Anonymoose, I don't write here that much but I'm a big fan of yours.

  3. Thank you very much for your work on releasing these hidden gems.

    Also, do you plan working on Belladonna of Sadness' BD?


    1. Thank you for bringing this website to my attention.

  5. Man, thanks for all your great work.

    Sadly, NT died. What's the best way to get your releases?

    1. NT died but his data bases are still on going, you can get the magnet and download the files.
      For example, you cam take a look at this

  6. I'm trying to archive as much as possible of Annymoose's releases but sadly right now it seems a lot of the old stuff, at least on are not seeded very well.

    With NT's death, the tracker died. And I don't know if this had an effect on a seedbox or something.

  7. I'm guessing this is dead?