Sunday, 31 May 2015

Scrap Diary + Animactions!!

Scrap Diary + Animactions!!

An anthology of short films by Tanaami Keiichi and Aihara Nobuhiro.

DVD, h.264 10bit, 448kbps AC3, no subtitles.

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The films on the DVD are silent/instrumental and do not require subtitles. They have English titles and credits.
Disc 1 contains animation films. Disc 2 is a recording of live painting. There are five video tracks, for different camera angles recorded on the disc.

Disc 1 (Animation - Scrap Diary):
Scrap Diary / スクラップ・ダイアリー (2002)
Fetish Doll (2003)
Landscape (2004)
Yume 10 Yoru / 夢10夜 / 10 Nights' Dreams (2004)
Aki no Puzzle / 秋のパズル / Puzzle of Autumn (2003)
Memory of Red (2004)

Disc 2 (Live Painting - Animactions!!):
Animactions!! (2004)

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