Sunday, 24 May 2015

3tsu no Hanashi

A 1960 animated TV special.

Web, h.264 10bit, 192kbps AAC, no subtitles.

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This is re-encoded from a YouTube upload of an HDTV broadcast. The upload was split into three parts, which are merged here. Video is 1080p downscaled to 720p, and audio is 192kbps AAC.


    1. Hello there, thanks for sharing all these great classic anime titles in good quality.

      I am a fansubber and I was wondering if you have access to any old Tatsunoko series? I'm specifically looking for Kerokko Demetan and Kashi no Ki Mokku aka Pinocchio. I do have an interest in a few other titles from the 60s-80s but those two are high priorities and it would be a great help for me and anyone who wants to see these anime in English.

      Again, thanks.

    2. Thanks again for your effort in bringing back these very old and rare b/w anime!