Sunday, 19 April 2015

Uchuujin Pipi

A 1965 live action/animation hybrid TV series.

Episodes 37-38: Web, h.264 10bit, 192kbps AAC, no subtitles.

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This is re-encoded from a YouTube upload of the TV broadcast. Audio is 192kbps AAC (highest quality found) and video is 1080p downscaled, except for the first half of episode 38 which was only available in 720p. It was not broadcast in true HD anyway, so there is not much difference.

  • Both episodes are split in two, so there is a short transition cut and freeze in the middle of each one.
  • Episode 37 has some interlacing left, but it is less visible.
  • Episode 37 audio is lengthened a bit so it wouldn't drift out of sync towards the end, but both episodes still have small syncing issues.
  • Both episodes are debanded and have frame rates fixed.
  • Overall, episode 38 has a higher quality, less banding, no interlacing and more grain (that's why it is bigger).
The rest of the series was not released domestically.

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