Monday, 13 April 2015

Tanaami Keiichi no Shouzou: 14 Films (1975-2009)

A Portrait of Keiichi Tanaami / 田名網敬一の肖像 / Un Portrait de Keiichi Tanaami

An anthology of short films by Tanaami Keiichi.

DVD, h.264 10bit, 192kbps AC3, English/French/Japanese subtitles.

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All of the films on the DVD are silent/instrumental and do not require subtitles.
Entretien includes English and French subtitles, styled and edited.
Décryptage includes styled and edited English subtitles, and Japanese VobSub subtitles.

Yasashii Kinyoubi / 優しい金曜日 / Sweet Friday (1975)
Why (1975)
Yami no Kioku - Yume no In'ei / 闇の記憶・夢の陰影 / Memories Hidden in Darkness - Dreams of Various Shades (2000)
Scrap Diary / スクラップ・ダイアリー (2002)
Natsu no Shisen 1942 / 夏の視線 1・9・4・2 / A Gaze in Summer (2002)
Chirico (2008)
Goldfish Fetish (2002)
Fetish Doll (2003)
Tanaami Keiichi no Shouzou / 田名網敬一の肖像 / A Portrait of Keiichi Tanaami (2003)
Yume 10 Yoru / 夢10夜 / 10 Nights' Dreams (2004)
The Harmonic Gleam Vibration (2005)
Madonna (2005)
Aki no Puzzle / 秋のパズル / Puzzle of Autumn (2003)
Shunga (2009)

Entretien (Interview / インタビュー)
Décryptage (Decryption / 解読)

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  1. Hey Anonymoose, I really like what you do and although this is not related to this upload, I was wondering if it would be possible for you to sub the 1969 adaptation of Okamoto Noboru's Kamui the Ninja. Thank you