Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Ginga Tetsudou no Yoru

A 1985 film by Sugii Gisaburou.

Download 1080p

Video: BD, h.264 10bit, 1812x1028
Audio: FLAC 16-bit 5.1ch
Subtitles: NakamaSubs, restyled and edited
Extra: Trailer (same resolution as the film, 640kbps 2.0ch AC3 audio)

It was degrained a little bit to keep a reasonable file size, but it should look about the same in motion. It is still large because it is very grainy.
Like the theatrical and DVD releases, the BD is in widescreen aspect ratio. The film was made in standard/full screen aspect ratio, so compared to the LaserDisc release it is cropped on the top and bottom.

Source/encode comparison if you want to compare the amount of grain.


  1. Thank you so much

  2. Thanks for all the releases :D

  3. thanks
    praying for a 720, I understand the logic/keeping grain, but 18 GB is just too insane...

  4. Somewhat offtopic, but i just want to say thank you to all contributors for the effort put into recompiling all this material, it truly is a audiovisual treasure.

  5. Hey, I just wanted to ask.
    Whenever I resize in x264, there's this green line on the right whenever I encode to 1280,720. The reason I choose those values is because x264 always crashes whenever I choose any other value.

    Do you know the fix for this? I might as well resize it myself since you won't upload the 720p.