Sunday, 19 October 2014

Kumo to Tulip: Masaoka Kenzou Sakuhin Shuu

くもとちゅうりっぷ 政岡憲三作品集

A two-disc anthology of short films by Kenzou Masaoka.

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Subtitles patch for Tora-chan no Kan Kan Mushi

DVD, h.264 10bit, FLAC, subtitles from various sources. Refer to the list below for specifics.

  • Kumo to Tulip / くもとちゅうりっぷ (1943)
    Original subtitles.
  • Benkei tai Ushiwaka / べんけい対ウシワカ (1939)
    Subtitles from The Roots of Japanese Anime, edited.
  • Sakura (Haru no Gensou) / 桜(春の幻想) (1947)
    No dialogue.
  • Chagama Ondo (Silent Version) / 茶釜音頭~サイレント版~ (1934)
    Original subtitles.
  • Chagama Ondo (Talkie Version) / 茶釜音頭~トーキー版~ (1934)
    Original subtitles.
  • Suteneko Tora-chan / すて猫トラちゃん (1947)
    Subtitles by The Skaro Hunting Society, edited.
  • Tora-chan to Hanayome / トラちゃんと花嫁 (1948)
    Subtitles by The Skaro Hunting Society, edited.
  • Tora-chan no Kan Kan Mushi / トラちゃんのカンカン虫 (1950)
    Subtitles by The Skaro Hunting Society, edited.
The Tora-chan films were partly re-translated, but inaccuracies most likely still remain.


  1. Why you drop the karaoke in Tora-chan movies?

    1. 1. The words were not all transcribed right
      2. The words were not romanized properly
      3. I didn't think it was important and didn't want to fix the above

      A lot of these old films are told in song, it is not like 'karaoke' for an opening music, it is just a part of the story, so I prefer to make the frame cleaner by leaving it out.

    2. I did transcribe the romanized lyrics in Suteneko Tora-chan, though (almost forgot).

      Open the file in Aegisub, uncomment all lines and remux, and they will be displayed at the top. I edited some of them, but I don't think I fixed everything (wrong words, romanization, etc.).

      There were no romanized lyrics for the other two films.