Sunday, 31 August 2014

Tetsuwan Atom

鉄腕アトム / Astro Boy Mighty Atom

DVD, h.264 10bit, 384kbps AC3, no subtitles.

This is a new encode from 鉄腕アトム Complete (2 box sets, 36 DVDs).

Download on NyaaTorrents

Content from the American DVD box:
Making Of Documentary (h.264, 10bit, 224kbps AC3, English subtitles)
Subtitles (episodes 001, 020, 034 (commentary track), 056 and 193)

  • Images
    • Storyboards
    • Still frames
    • Magazines
    • Calendars
    • Film negatives
    • Cels
    • Scripts
  • Toy commercial
  • Special opening cut
  • Chi-tan appearance preliminary announcement video
  • Interviews
  • Tetsuwan Atom screening caravan (video recording from December 1963)

  • Episode 34 has a commentary track with the animators of Studio Zero to which the episode was outsourced.
  • Episodes 56 and 71 are coloured.
  • Episodes 34, 125, 127, 139, 163 and 191 footage was lost.
    • Episode 34 uses footage from the US version (lower video quality).
    • Episodes 125, 127 and 139 are restored from storyboards and still frames.
    • Episodes 163 and 191 are restored from film negatives.


  1. Thanks a lot for Atom! I'm really grateful!
    Since nyaa is dead, can't you do magnet link on Or, at least, upload them on
    I want to see the next Gisaburoh and Rintarou's episodes!

  2. I will upload on TT when I get a VPS set up. Next discs are not encoded yet, I will be busy for a while and I am prioritizing good encodes over speed (every episode scripted and encoded individually). If you just want to watch them and don't care about quality I think every episode is on MEGA but the encode is very bad.

    1. Anonymoose, if you have an ADC account, can you upload those DVDs there? You will make a lot of anime fans very, very happy if you do.

      Also, thanks for making those nyaa encodes.

    2. I figured since you're an encoder, you'd want to know about asiandvdclub, a great site for DVD sources. Also, people there would be very interested in seeing those particular DVDs there, given their rarity.

      Furthermore, you can use seedboxes for uploading purposes if you really wanted to get around that issue of transfer limits, but that's up to you.

      Those were the only reasons I mentioned that site.

    3. Ok, now I understand your viewpoint and won't ask you again about it.

      One other thing, can you add to your nyaa torrent that the Tetsuwan Atom encodes have Japanese audio? I know since it's in the raw section, it should be obvious, but someone did ask that in the comments.

  3. Since I care about quality, especially the directing, I will wait :)
    Thanks for the details!

  4. Thanks so much for it!! I wish the subtitles for each one but this is great!!!

  5. Tetsuwan torrents suddenly disappeared from nyaa?

    1. Sorry, I deleted too soon to prepare for batch. Please wait a few days.

    2. Anonymoose, if you have an ADC account, can you upload those DVDs there? You will make a lot of anime fans very, very happy if you do.

      Also, thanks for making those encodes.

  6. Anonymoose, I'm preparing an extense blog where I'll publish all the chapters from each series, also the mangas and more things, This serie was the only I never found it until now, but I don't know if you permit me publish this series too in my blog, I need to know as soon as posible, I hope your answer!

    1. Publish how? Posting link is ok, reuploading is ok if you leave file names the same.

    2. I'll publish in my own blog which I'm working since long time, but It'll be in spanish because There are only english subtitles from 1980 and 2003 series, although this first serie has no subtitles, I'll publish the titles from each one in spanish, I hope that somebody does the subtitles, obviusly I'll tell you're the first uploader,
      Sorry If you cannot understand me well, I'm from Argentina, I'll send you the link of my blog when I'll finish it

    3. Woot
      This is amazing. Basically on this blog we got al the anime that we are researching for years.
      Thank you so much!

      Actually, I'm from Panamá (Central América).
      This is great. I will wait for those releases.

  7. Hi Anonymoose ...

    Many thanks for all your efforts with this title and all of your others. The quality and time involved is much appreciated.

    I've just noticed that "Atom" eps #68 + 69 need their titles and meta data swapped with each other, because both files are reversed. No big deal,but re-naming them will place them in the correct order in the torrent and anidb metadata.

    If I notice anything else (watching both English and Japanese versions back-to-back), I'll mention it! :-)

    Thanks once again!


    1. The order is correct, only the titles are wrong. That is because I used Wikipedia for episode titles, and they are often inaccurate. If I have the time one day to correct all the titles (and add の巻) I will do it and re-upload the files, but they would all have to be reviewed since online sources are not reliable.

  8. Hi!
    Are you going to translate this show?

  9. ah, the dream of the ages, a japanese audio english subbed tetsuwan atom (maybe that'll happen in the next millenium if we're lucky).....anyways, thanks for the excellent quality and i'll enjoy watching these with only about 10% comprehension of the japanese (luckily i've read all the manga so know the plots)!

    1. For what it's worth, there are subtitles from the American release for episodes 1, 20, 34 (but only the commentary track for some reason), 56 and 193. It is not much, but I will review the scripts and upload patches for these episodes (hopefully in not too long).

  10. Hello, I was looking forward to downloading from, however they've closed down recently. Is there any other working location from which I can download this? Thanks so much for doing this - we fans are really grateful :)